159 Inclined

A podcast dedicated to connecting, inspiring, and celebrating the Greater Johnstown Pennsylvania Region and beyond.

On this week's episode, James and Will have a chat with Lynn McQuillan, owner and instructor at Just Breathe Mindful Movement Studios. Lynn shares her story of how her family inspired her incredible journey into fitness, wellness and mindfulness, and how her passion led her to open her own studio to help others on their journey to healthy living. And the guys sign the 159 Inclined Team up for yoga class! Enjoy!

On this week's episode, Will & James chat with author, actor, filmmaker, director, and president of Acrolight Films, Tom Getty. Tom shares stories of growing up in Johnstown, finding inspiration everywhere he goes and his love for his home town. His story shows us that even though our town is small, we can find a way to do what we love, in a town that inspires us all. Enjoy!

On this week's episode James and Will continue their conversation with Andrew Hawkins. When we left off, Andrew was discussing an injury sustained in the CFL, that he thought could end his football career. This week the guys discuss Andrew's unconventional and one of kind journey to the NFL, his academic achievement at Columbia University and his media career. Andrew's story is an inspiring one that shows us that hard work, perseverance in the face of obstacles and an emphasis on stewardship can lead us to amazing things! We hope you enjoy the episode!

On this week's episode of 159 Inclined, James and Will chat with Andrew Hawkins. Recorded in April, during the height of our Covid-19 lock-down, Andrew shares stories of growing up in Johnstown, his memories of James' sweet basketball skills, and his journey to the CFL. This episode is part 1 of 2. Andrew's story is an inspiring one of making your dream come true through perseverance and a lot of hard work. Enjoy! 

On this week's episode of 159 Inclined, Desi, Will & James chat with Stephanie Allison, proprietor of Vibe Fitness Studio in Elton, PA. Stephanie, a Conemaugh Township native, discusses her career as a Senior Software Development Analyst for CANA Advisors, how she became a successful fitness entrepreneur, and her love of the Ferndale Jubilee.

On this week's episode 159 Inclined goes 'country', when Desi, Will and James chat with country musician and Cresson, PA native, Josh Gallagher. Josh shares stories of growing up in Cambria County, the growth of his musical career, including his time on the voice, as well as his love for the community in which he grew up. Josh's story is an inspiring one, that shows us its possible to follow your passion and live your dream, while not forgetting about where you come from. Enjoy!

On this week's episode of 159 Inclined, James, Will & Lisa chat with Katrina Perkosky. Katrina shares stories of her previous work in local media, and discusses her current work with the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. She also discusses how sharing one's own experiences and struggles can be a positive force for helping others experiencing hard times. 

On this week's episode of 159 Inclined, Desi, James and Will visited the Center for Metal Arts in Johnstown's historic Cambria City neighborhood. Patrick Quinn and Dan Neville share their story of how the Center for Metal Arts grew into a world-class educational blacksmithing program and how it came to call Johnstown it's home. Also, the great debate of 'Gob' vs. 'Whoopie Pie' is rekindled once again. We hope you enjoy the episode!


On this week's episode of 159 Inclined, the team sat down with John Pecze. John shares stories of his time in the U.S. Navy, serving as the Vice Presidential Communications Manager at the White Hours under the Clinton administration and how he acquired a 'sweet' nickname. We are excited to share his amazing story! Enjoy!



On this week's episode Team 159 Inclined sat down for a chat with Chad Gontkovic, founder of Coal Tubin, CEO of the Johnstown Paper Co., and Airport Manager for the Johnstown Cambria County Airport.  Listeners will hear about his incredibly exciting and courageous journey from serving in the Air Force to starting both Coal Tubin and the Johnstown Paper Co.  His energy and passion to make a positive impact in this region is both contagious and inspiring and we're excited to share this episode with you!  Enjoy!

On this episode, Desi, James and Will chat with our 'fearless leader', Deb Orner. Deb is the leader of the John B. Gunter Community Leadership Initiative, the guiding force behind the life of this podcast. Deb shares her Johnstown story, including her love of leadership, watching Johnstown transform, and finding words to live by on a billboard. 

On this week's episode Desi, James and Will visited with Bill Polacek, President & CEO of JWF Industries.  We’re very excited to share with you his inspiring story of success which is infused with his passion for family and community.  We hope you enjoy!


On this episode of 159 Inclined, Will and James take the show on the road and visit with Jarrod Bunk at his shop Hope Cyclery located on Franklin Street in downtown Johnstown. Jarrod shares his story, his passion for bicycles and his vision for our town. Check it out! 

On this episode of 159 Inclined, Will & James sit down for a chat with the Greater Johnstown Region's own Amy Bradley. Amy shares stories of her Johnstown roots, her career journey and her love of the Johnstown community.



On this episode of 159 Inclined, the whole team meets with Johnstown’s own Mike Cook! Also known as, “The Inclined Plane Trail Guy,” Mike shares the stories of how he came to Johnstown, how his idea of a mountain bike trail on Johnstown’s Inclined Plane hillside turned into a reality, and his love of the outdoors recreation in the area. Mike also discusses his involvement in the Benscreek Canoe Club, the Conemaugh Valley Conservancy and how incredible it would be to have an otter for a pet. Enjoy!

James & Will are joined by longtime news anchor Marty Radovanic. Marty shared the story of his career and how he arrived in Johnstown. He shared stories about his time in the international news spotlight covering Flight 93, the Quecreek Mine Rescue & the 1977 Johnstown Flood. He also shared details about his courageous battle with cancer and what our city means to him.

159 Inclined is a podcast generated by 4 (almost) strangers brought together through an effort to build future community leaders.
The podcast features James, Will, Desi & Lisa, as they take on an adventure in podcasting!
Our mission is to connect, inspire, and celebrate the Greater Johnstown Pennsylvania region and beyond.   Each show will consist of an interview with individuals or groups that have made a positive impact on the region. Listeners will hear from local heroes, community leaders, change-makers and eyewitnesses to the rich history of the area.
This brief episode will give you a chance to meet Team 159 Inclined.  Enjoy!